Monday, 7 March 2016

I'M TIRED.....

salam n hi guys..
      don't know what to say..i'm bored..lazy to do things..not feeling well..sleepy..tired..hungry..angry..and all the bad feelings were inside me right now..huhu..please leave a comment below on how you guys spent your leisure time or your interest okay??thats all..bye for now..
wish to hug this everytime i close my eyes..

Sunday, 6 March 2016


             So..this is my second post..just want to share a little thing about myself..right now i'm 20 years in perak..part 4 diploma in science at uitm big interest is 'cat'..thus this post i want to sahre with you guys about few of my pet cat..hope you guys mind to share about yours in the comment later okay..
this is my second pet cat..named kitty..i already live with kitty for 4 years.. 

this is kitty again..although kitty become big girl..she still like that..i don't know what to say..

this is kitty brother..named Atom..but it already dead..i;m so sad i can''t burried atom..that time i was at perlis..

i don't remember this cat's name..but i don't have it anymore..i forget where it go but i like to check it teeth because i think it cute..

when i saw this..i just remember that i named this cat Omot..and yeah..i put it in the aquarium..because i wanted to see it play with my tortoise..i named them Tutty and Frutty

this is kitty and atom when they still a kitten..and this is the first day for them at my house..

this is kitty and atom father..named mamot..mamot loved to sneak in my house and sleep at any place he think safe..mybe..

And here come sasuke..kitty's daughter..that was a toy that sasuke loved to play..

sasuke still in kitty..haha..this was quite a panic moment when i saw kitty wanted to deliver..huhuhu

this is divo..the only male cat in the house..he used to be a cute cat but onced he mating..he rarely come back home..

now sasuke become a mother..and kitty got another kitten but they share their that little kitten at kitty was sasuke's daughter..i named it panda because it fur just alike..bit panda was dead few weeks after she was born..

that not sasuke's biological kitten but this time there were three cat gave birth at my i don't know which one belongs to sasuke..

 so guys..i think thats all for now..actually i do have more cats but i can't find their pictures..i love cat very much as they always calmed my mind and make me happy..till next time okay..bye..

Friday, 4 March 2016


            Alhamdulillah i manage to have this opportunity to create this blog and share it with you guys..the older one i've been delete this is the new and real one..i need to delete my email address because bad things come i hope this will be the very last time for me to create my email..tata for now and i'll write more next time..bye..  

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